The Chicago Bathroom Renovation Guide

What Remodeling Your Bathroom Can Do For Your Home

Remodeling a bathroom may seem to be a simple job at first but when you get to that situation, you will realize how it can be tiring and complicated. There are just so many things to consider and plan and it is kind of impossible to get through it without any help from others. This guide will provide you a bit of help that may be very useful in your remodeling project:

  • Always take into consideration what lies ahead in the future – it’s true that you can’t tell what the future may bring but there are things that will certainly happen like kids growing, you getting old, and the wear and tear of your bathroom surfaces and fixtures. Many accidents can happen inside the bath and so it is very wise to think of safety measures like installation of grabs and using less slippery tiles. This will come in handy when you reach the age past your prime or whenever you get sick. Also, pay attention to the durability of materials that you will use in a particular area. For example, porcelain is good on walls and floors but is not advisable for sinks since frequent use may cause chips on the porcelain cover. Instead, the use of stainless steel can prevent possible discolorations and chips.
  • Budget wisely – remodeling can be expensive and it’s okay to cut costs on some materials to limit your expenses. However, you must be generous on materials that are frequently used like showers, faucets, sinks, and toilets. Inexpensive materials with low quality will easily wear down and this will cause you to bring out more money.
  • Consider any possible cost and add some extra – it is easy to compute for the total cost of materials to be used but surely, unexpected expenses will arise. To give you an idea, installing a new showerhead in a different area will also require you to change your pipeline positioning. To do this, you need to open your walls and ceiling. This alone will cost you additional labor, new pipelines if needed, and of course new tiles to patch up the opened area.
  • Do not forget the lightings and vents – when remodeling, many of us prioritize the look and layout of our baths that we forget the essentials. A humid place provides good conditions for molds to grow and we don’t want them growing in between tiles, ceilings, and windows. That is why exhaust fans or vents are very important in a bathroom, especially when you have heaters. There are also sensors available that turns on or off depending on the air humidity. If you have extra budget, consider installing one in your bath.

bathroom interior in bright colors

As for lighting, many think that the bigger the bath, the more bulbs it need. However, adequate lighting depends on the number of divisions. A solo bulb can light a big room if it has no divisions while a single bulb in a small room with three areas will not be enough. Each area requires a bulb because light is obstructed by dividers or walls. Having vertical lights in your vanity area and cabinets is advisable.

  • Consider possible water consumption of the bathroom fixtures you want to add – there are several water-conserving products available now and using them will cut your bills in the future.
  • No matter what, do not rush the process – have a plan and review that plan three times or more. Take note of the smallest details from the ceiling, lights, walls, curtains, tiles, colors, sinks, cabinets, mirrors, tubs, and many other more. Try to imagine what your bath will look like after applying your ideas and have it sketched or drawn to give you a better insight before actually doing the remodeling.

The best advice we can give is do your research. Make sure to check out reviews of the Chicago contractors you’re thinking of using. For more tips, check out another bathroom guide here.


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