What to Consider for a Bath Remodel

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Aside from budget, the functionality of the bathroom to be remodeled is perhaps the most important factor. Assuming that you are already financially prepared for all the possible money that you may have to spend, the next factor to consider is the type of bathroom that you want to redo.

For homes with two or more bathrooms, each bathroom serves different functions and thus needs different layout, equipments, and furniture. If you plan to change your family bathroom, the first thing to consider should be its functionality, especially if you have children in the house. Because of children’s inherent clumsiness, most family baths are equipped with safety materials such as grabs and anti-slip mats. You should also consider the height of your vanity cabinet and sinks. Make sure that toiletries and toothbrushes are just within the reach of the children.

Redesigning the master bath is a different story. As opposed to family bathroom’s utilitarian layout, the master bathroom is where you can create your own personal bubble wherein you can slip in anytime you want. This is where you can infuse fashion and designs to create that dream bathroom that you have always wanted.

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Three-quarter baths provide basic comfort needs. The layout should focus on the toilet, shower, and sink. This kind of bath does not need intricate designs because people do not usually stay long in it. However, you can still infuse a bit of designs in your sink or flooring.

Half baths, on the other hand, is where a lot of people go into. It is often used as the powder room and so house guests are the most common users. Design your half-baths in such a way that it can accommodate several people. This will be useful when catering to parties or events that involve a lot of guests. You can also use this bath to impress your guests by paying attention to details in your sink, cabinets, and mirrors. Also, you can add furniture in case there is enough space. This will add a homey-feel that your guests will definitely love.

Another thing to consider is the people inside your house.  As mentioned above, children needs special considerations and though they will eventually grow, it will be easier for them and for you if things are within reach. The same considerations apply to the elderly.

Also consider how you are using your bathroom. Do you read while inside the tub? If so, you might have to consider placing a container for your magazines and books. Do you do your shaving inside the bath? If yes, you can improve the lighting wherever you do your ritual. If you are the type of person who loves to relax with the smell of candles, try to secure a place where you can light them safely. If you use your bathroom as a storage place for toiletries, towels, and first aid kits, make sure that enough cabinets are installed to carry all those.

When remodeling, try not to do all the planning at once. Keep in mind that once the fixtures are placed and the showers installed, it will be harder to change plans just because you realized that you want something else. Go into your bathroom everyday and list the things that you want to change. Ask yourself if you want to retain the things inside your bathroom or if you want to change them, what specific design should you get? You can also get ideas from your family members if you do not live alone. Discuss among yourselves the new layout, designs, placement of furniture, color, or if you want a particular theme.

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